About Peter

About Peter Allen Associates

In addition to the 3+ decades of composing experience Peter has to offer a client, he also has all of the tools and facilities needed to complete your project with a professional polish. Along with his expanding credit sheet comes expanding floorspace.  His new facility allows for a new client area and office space.  Peter Allen Associates  Pro Tools system is housed in a beautiful studio space that sounds as good as it looks!

Digital tie-lines connect Peter Allen Associates with a computer room, giving  access to a variety of video playback options, complete with airlock, double-sealed doors, and a variety of  microphones.

Ryen looks after the vast majority of post production chores, among other things.  His skills as an engineer and editor get put to good use on everything from sound design, vocal and music recording to laying back Peter’s scores for delivery.

Mike earns his keep as the resident technician. That and as a composer in reserve for Peter’s really busy periods.  He’s scored for TV, radio, video games and industrial and training videos; you can hear his work on every Apple® iMac ever made.  He’s also pretty handy with computers, web design, and sound design.

James is a Los Angeles based  composer who has worked with Peter on numerous film and television projects.  When time is tight they make a terrific team.

Peter is a busy man.  A very busy man.   Not many composers can score a full length film in mere days, well, very long days.  Of course, this kind of schedule is hard on a guy, so Peter has surrounded himself with skillful and talented people who can take some of the load off.   Great guys like Ryen Froggatt,  Mike Beckett, James Covell.