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September, 16, 2013

If you wish to read a feature article on Peter in REEL WEST MAGAZINE, complete with "bad boy" photo on his harley, click on the image above.
July 07, 2014 Peter won the SOCAN award in 2014 for BEST DOMESTIC FILM SCORE
August 06, 2018 Peter just signed a nice deal with Paramount Pictures for the re-release of CrackerJack, starring Christpher Plummer, and also CrackerJack 2 aka Hostage Train starring Judge Reinhold.
January 02, 2019 The Full Light Of Day, written by Daniel Brooks and directed by Kim Collier, premieres on January the 7th at the Playhouse Theatre in Vancouver. A provocative hybrid of theater and film, uniting an A-List of Canada's most exceptional award winning talents, this compelling production continues Electric Company Theatre's innovative tradition of pushing the limits of the art form, with 14 live-streaming cameras, state-of-the-art projections and film, which immerses the audiences in rich cinematic cityscapes and intimate inner lives, inviting them to reimagine the limitations of live theatre. The music score is by Peter Allen.
November 01, 2022 Peter has completed a very moving score for a very moving feature length documentary; "If You're Reading This".Robb Nash and his band have spent a decade touring across Canada on a mission to inspire suicidal kids to choose life instead. "If You're Reading This" explores Robb's remarkable journey from suicidal to significant. More than 900 kids have handed Robb their suicide notes. These notes are all too real and the stakes are literally life and death.

“The Full Light Of Day, written by Daniel Brooks and directed by Kim Collier, which premiered in January at the Playhouse Theatre in Vancouver, will be playing this sumnmer in Toronto on The Canadian Stage from June 7th to June 13th. Here is a link for info:

The Full Light of Day tells the story of Mary, an aging matriarch in a wealthy Canadian family. As she approaches the end of her life, Mary is forced to contend with her husband’s legacy and the misdeeds that brought her family money, privilege and prestige. A new film/theatre hybrid from the same company behind 12.13’s groundbreaking Tear the Curtain!